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WIP and Development.

Here are a few work-in-progress and development sketches from work I’ve completed over the past year.


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Zombie Scene 1 WIP.

Work in progress for the scene I posted a still from in the last post:

Stay posted either here or on my youtube channel for more updates, as I’m sure to keep this place updated with my scenes at least, and the final animation should be coming soon! As stated in the youtube description there, the voice acting talent belongs to J. “Sulley” Sullivan.

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2D Zombie Stills.

A few teaser stills from a work-in-progress animation I’m working on as part of a group. I’m working on all of the 2D scenes, which so far include an intro, an outro plus credits, and the very first scene of the animation. Its set in the 50’s, and its an educational video for surviving a zombie apocalypse. 🙂 Its all heavily inspired by cheesy old educational videos, while I’m taking a lot of pointers from the classic Goofy “How To” cartoons. Keep checking back, will upload a link to the finished animation once its ready!

The backgrounds were all created in Photoshop, imported into ToonBoom Studio 5, where the zombie artwork was drawn directly into the program over the backdrops. Its easy to tell where Photoshop ends and ToonBoom begins, with one being a blurry Bitmap and the other being clean, crisp vectors, but it actually works quite well when you compare it to the old “How To” cartoons.

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Booze Demands WIP animations.

Some Work-In-Progress youtube video files of a 2D animation I’m currently working on for university.
Working to a given voice-clip, I think mine comes from “Withnail and I”.
First pass, second pass, and the final vid is progress on final cleaned pass.

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