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Non-Binary Monster Project

Hey guys!

Long time no update? Yeah I’m mostly active over on Facebook and Tumblr these days, HOWEVER I’ll catch you up a little here! I’ve created a couple of prints based on non-binary monsters with a set theme and I’m hoping to expand the range if they go down well! The first is a Pizza Monster:
Pizza Monster

and secondly we have a seapunk sushi merperson:

Seapunk Merperson

Hoping you guys dig them! Prints obviously don’t have the obnoxious watermarks. 🙂


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Post-Expo leftovers and wrap-up!

Hello everyone! And a super big hello to new folks visiting after London MCM Expo! Much love to everyone who swung by the table in comic village and super love to peeps who bought stuff! Seriously I appreciate every single comment, question, and all of the proceeds go toward funding bigger, better, cooler stuff!

Once again, many thanks to all those who helped make MCM Expo a success for me, and I hope to see you all at the next big con I attend! ❤

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Meet the cast!

You’ve all met Morti, but now its time to reveal the rest of the cast!

“Morti and the Quest For Awesome” is an illustrated children’s storybook, chronicling the story of Morti as she tries to discover the meaning of “Awesome”. She meets some colourful characters along the way!

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Some traditional art spam!

A big juicy post encapsulating a lot of the commissions and free-sale art-cards I’ve done while at various conventions this summer. 🙂 Much love and thanks to everyone who came by any  of my tables, whether to say hi, ask questions, or to buy anything! Your continued support is awesome and warms my little heart. 😀

And without further ado, art!

Most, if not all, of the characters above belong to their respective owners, but all of the art is mine! And as far as I remember, they all have homes with brand new owners who will hopefully enjoy them. 🙂

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I’ll be at Nemacon in Middlesbrough this coming weekend, the 23rd + 24th of June, selling my book, merch, art-cards and doing commissions!

Some new Pokemon art-cards I’ll be bringing to sell (all hand-drawn and 100% unique and one of a kind!):

If you’re going to be there, come say hi! 🙂

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A couple confirmations for  you folks.

Updates have been sparse due to the completion of a new project!

I can now reveal that I’ll be bringing a BOOK with me to Birmingham Comic Con, 31st March and 1st April! The book chronicles Morti’s quest to discover the secret of “awesome”, and is a full-colour, 18 page picture-book. 🙂 While the book is styled in the fashion of a childrens picturebook, “Morti’s books for groovy people” are most assuredly that, directed towards all kinds of kids, even the grown up ones, who enjoy a good story and fun pictures.

Along with the book, there will be all sorts of new merchandise, along with commissions, prints, and the ever-popular original art-cards. I do hope that the book goes down well, and that anyone who picks up a copy enjoys it. If you’re coming to the show, do stop by and say hi!

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New Year, New News!

Been a while! Not much to report other than a new project is in progress. 🙂

Can’t say too much yet, other than it is going to be in print form, and I *really* hope I can get it done in time for the next convention/expo/whatever I attend. ^^ which will *hopefully* be Birmingham Comic Con in March!

Have a bit of a preview below in terms of some of the artwork and merchandise I’ve put together for the project. If you’re wanting to keep up with the day-to-day stuff, I’ve got a Twitter and a Tumblr account for doodles, and remember folks.. Be Awesome!

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