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Post-con Writeup!

And we’re back! Birmingham Comic Con was a total blast, and I had a great time meeting a bunch of you. 😀 I did a whole bunch of neat art-card commissions such as the few below:

A big shoutout and thanks to everyone who came by, said hi, bought something, or whatever!


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A couple confirmations for  you folks.

Updates have been sparse due to the completion of a new project!

I can now reveal that I’ll be bringing a BOOK with me to Birmingham Comic Con, 31st March and 1st April! The book chronicles Morti’s quest to discover the secret of “awesome”, and is a full-colour, 18 page picture-book. 🙂 While the book is styled in the fashion of a childrens picturebook, “Morti’s books for groovy people” are most assuredly that, directed towards all kinds of kids, even the grown up ones, who enjoy a good story and fun pictures.

Along with the book, there will be all sorts of new merchandise, along with commissions, prints, and the ever-popular original art-cards. I do hope that the book goes down well, and that anyone who picks up a copy enjoys it. If you’re coming to the show, do stop by and say hi!

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Post-Convention Wrapup.

Busy weekend at Birmingham Memorabilia Expo! Met a lot of absolutely lovely people, did more commissions than I thought I would, and definitely considering hitting it up as a dealer again! 😀

Some of the commissions/art cards I did over the weekend (Terrible phone photos I’m afraid as I only managed to snap a quick shot before I either put them out on sale or their commissioner came to pick them up!):

A few of the art-cards are still available, should anybody be interested, the list is below:

-Sonic the Hedgehog.


-The Batman set, including Animated Series Robin, Arkham City videogame Batman + Joker, and Arkham Asylum videogame Riddler. Can be purchased as a set or seperately.

– Chewbacca + Han. Can be purchased as a set or seperately.

If interested, let me know and we can work something out! There may be freebies such as sketches/doodles for peeps who pick up any of these cards post-con. ^^ Hit me up: morti.mac AT gmail.com

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Expo artcards.

Along with prints and taking commissions on the day, I’m also taking along a bunch of pre-drawn art cards to sell, featuring popular videogame, comic, tv and film characters. 🙂 Here’s a scan of the “Batman” set! No time to scan the rest and they dont photo very well, typical of most traditional art! But I’m also bringing along an “Avengers” set, a “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” set, along with a bunch of singular stand-alone cards, like the 11th Doctor, Spiderman and Sonic the Hedgehog!


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Memorabilia Prints!

The prints I’ll be taking with me to sell at Memorabilia this weekend! Unfortunately the IronMan one was drawn previously at a really small resolution, so he didnt make the cut. 😦 The Thor, Tron, and Rory Centurion pieces however were drawn with the SOLE INTENTION of selling as prints this weekend, and will never appear as prints ever again, anywhere else! (Except maybe my own living room walls!) shamelessly watermarked but hey, you never know.

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