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Mortistuff – Official launch!

I’m pleased to announce that the new and improved online store for all your Morti-art needs can be found here!

I’m hoping to add more bits and pieces as time goes on and I manage to take stock of the current situation with existing prints/pins etc. However if you’ve ever missed me at a convention, have been unable to attend one at the same time as me, or simply didn’t have the cash at the time, here is where you can pick up your Morti-swag!


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Morti’s Emporium of Swag

I have an online store! It is small at the moment, but I’ve listed up a few goodies. 🙂 I’m running a Pre-Xmas sale at the moment so grab some stuff while it is cut-price! I’m aiming to have a bit of a clear-out of older stock to make some room for new things for next year! 😀

Check it out, and pass it on if you know anyone who might be interested. Every purchase is awesome and appreciated and goes towards awesome future things. 🙂 ❤

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