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A news update!

Afternoon guys!

Just a couple of news updates, hoping this one finds you all well?

I’ve opened up a Redbubble store!: If you’ve ever fancied my work on a tote bag or iPhone case (some Samsung ones available too!) or even a couple of shirts, here is the place! It’s print on demand (if you haven’t seen Redbubble before) so means it’s always available! Especially nifty if you live outside of the UK or Europe because I think it’s cheaper for you guys regarding postage?

I drew up and sent off my first large-scale invoice today for an illustration project I’ve been working on. Very exciting! If you wanted to talk about hiring me for illustration or character design work for your project, get in touch and we can talk!




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Glasgow Expo 2014!

Hey there folks!

Wow, it’s been a year already since the last Glasgow ComicCon? Well, I’ll be there again this weekend, with all sorts of goodies available in the Comic Village. :3

Don’t forget, I have all sorts of places online where art updates are posted, links are just on the left there:


AND I have an online store now! If you missed something over the weekend or fancied picking it up a little later, check it out! I may or may not be putting cool goodies in with orders but I’m not telling what! It’s a secret. :3

Hopefully I’ll see you guys up in Scotland!

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Manchester Expo wrapup!

Goooood afternoon lovelies!
BIG hello to all of you who have arrived via Manchester Expo last weekend. And HUGS to those of you who picked something up! Feel free to give my FACEBOOK page a like, for updates on projects I’m working on, and progress shots of stuff (if thats your kind of thing!)
I’ll be opening up my online store (my NEW online store that is) very shortly, so if you missed something this weekend and will not be attending Glasgow expo in September, you can pick something up over there and have it delivered by a lovely postie.

I’ll be sure to announce when it’s open! In the meantime, if folks picked something up this weekend I’d love to see it in its new home on a wall or on a bag somewhere! I’ve got all sorts of links over on the left for Twitter, Tumblr and the like too. Hit me up, like/friend/follow/etc and spread some Morti-love!

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Post-LFCC Wrapup!

Hello lovely new peeps!

First of all, thanks for visiting my page! It was great meeting so many of you this weekend just gone, so many new faces (and some old ones!).

Don’t forget you can check out my other homes across the internets and keep your finger on the pulse regarding where I’ll be appearing next and new art:

Twitter = @goddamnmorti

Facebook =

Tumblr =

As soon as my Facebook page hits 150 likes I’ll be selecting a random commenter from THIS post and they’ll win a huge pack of goodies. 😀

Here is a selection of the commission work and sketches I did over the weekend. Excuse the poor lighting and quality, my phone camera is rubbish!

DoctorsLFCCLokiThorLFCCLFCCcommission EdandNiallcommissionsLFCC

I’ve started taking larger commissions, as some people in the past want MORE than just a playing card sized commission! The Doctors and Thor/Loki are an example of the style of these commissions. They are on A5 white card, and are kinda fun and cartoony looking. You can have them in either a monocolour (choose a particular colour or black and white, and I colour in that pallette) or fully coloured!

The two other images contain art card commissions, I just love the variety you guys come up with and get me to draw!So this LFCC was a bit quiet for me compared to last years, but I’ll be at Manchester Expo in two weeks so hopefully it’ll be a little better for business over there! Huge thanks to all who stopped by and hopefully see you again next year!

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Facebook competition!

Now then, we’re still a few “likes” away from drawing another winner for an awesome bundle of arty goodies!

Head over here and comment on this post, and then give my Facebook art page a Like! This puts you in the running for winning the bundle of goodies as soon as I hit 150 likes, which is hopefully soon! Everyone likes free stuff right? 😀 It also comes with the added bonus of keeping up to date with my doodlings as they happen, along with galleries of work in progress stuff which can be pretty cool if you like that kind of stuff. 🙂

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Morti’s Emporium of Swag

I have an online store! It is small at the moment, but I’ve listed up a few goodies. 🙂 I’m running a Pre-Xmas sale at the moment so grab some stuff while it is cut-price! I’m aiming to have a bit of a clear-out of older stock to make some room for new things for next year! 😀

Check it out, and pass it on if you know anyone who might be interested. Every purchase is awesome and appreciated and goes towards awesome future things. 🙂 ❤

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Post-Expo leftovers and wrap-up!

Hello everyone! And a super big hello to new folks visiting after London MCM Expo! Much love to everyone who swung by the table in comic village and super love to peeps who bought stuff! Seriously I appreciate every single comment, question, and all of the proceeds go toward funding bigger, better, cooler stuff!

Once again, many thanks to all those who helped make MCM Expo a success for me, and I hope to see you all at the next big con I attend! ❤

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