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Takeaway Dragon

A finished commission, re-creating an older original piece I did while at University.

Takeaway  Dragon

Takeaway Dragon


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Turtle Power!

Some art I did of the four TMNT brothers for a print (also available separately).

RAPH WM Mikey LEO WM donniewm

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Post-LFCC Wrapup!

Hello lovely new peeps!

First of all, thanks for visiting my page! It was great meeting so many of you this weekend just gone, so many new faces (and some old ones!).

Don’t forget you can check out my other homes across the internets and keep your finger on the pulse regarding where I’ll be appearing next and new art:

Twitter = @goddamnmorti

Facebook =

Tumblr =

As soon as my Facebook page hits 150 likes I’ll be selecting a random commenter from THIS post and they’ll win a huge pack of goodies. 😀

Here is a selection of the commission work and sketches I did over the weekend. Excuse the poor lighting and quality, my phone camera is rubbish!

DoctorsLFCCLokiThorLFCCLFCCcommission EdandNiallcommissionsLFCC

I’ve started taking larger commissions, as some people in the past want MORE than just a playing card sized commission! The Doctors and Thor/Loki are an example of the style of these commissions. They are on A5 white card, and are kinda fun and cartoony looking. You can have them in either a monocolour (choose a particular colour or black and white, and I colour in that pallette) or fully coloured!

The two other images contain art card commissions, I just love the variety you guys come up with and get me to draw!So this LFCC was a bit quiet for me compared to last years, but I’ll be at Manchester Expo in two weeks so hopefully it’ll be a little better for business over there! Huge thanks to all who stopped by and hopefully see you again next year!

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Meet the cast!

You’ve all met Morti, but now its time to reveal the rest of the cast!

“Morti and the Quest For Awesome” is an illustrated children’s storybook, chronicling the story of Morti as she tries to discover the meaning of “Awesome”. She meets some colourful characters along the way!

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Some traditional art spam!

A big juicy post encapsulating a lot of the commissions and free-sale art-cards I’ve done while at various conventions this summer. 🙂 Much love and thanks to everyone who came by any  of my tables, whether to say hi, ask questions, or to buy anything! Your continued support is awesome and warms my little heart. 😀

And without further ado, art!

Most, if not all, of the characters above belong to their respective owners, but all of the art is mine! And as far as I remember, they all have homes with brand new owners who will hopefully enjoy them. 🙂

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I’ll be at Nemacon in Middlesbrough this coming weekend, the 23rd + 24th of June, selling my book, merch, art-cards and doing commissions!

Some new Pokemon art-cards I’ll be bringing to sell (all hand-drawn and 100% unique and one of a kind!):

If you’re going to be there, come say hi! 🙂

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More book information.

A more detailed post about my illustrated childrens book is in order, now that I’m not rushing around with a convention to prep for. 🙂

Basically it revolves around a personal, ancient character of mine named Morti (We share the nickname but there is no other resemblance!) and she goes on a quest to find out what “awesome” means! She speaks to all of her jungle friends who are unfortunately unable to help her, until she comes across the wise monkey, who reveals the secret.

It was a big of  big personal project, the biggest I’ve done yet, but from the initial writing, thumbnailing, and character design stages, right through the sketching, inking, colouring, and layout stages, I had real fun making it. 🙂 Some of the characters were quite difficult to pin down in terms of visual design, while others just fell out of the pencil fully-formed. Such as the lion, who began life quite un-likeable, big-headed and obnoxious. He was very big and strong-looking, very handsome, sort of like Gaston from Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” movie. His finished form in the book is actually a very mellow, very humble poet, complete with dark turtleneck, beret and shades! A total 360 from an un-likeable jerk, to a very friendly, likeable character!

Thumbnailing was a pain but a totally necessary step, similar to storyboarding for animation or anything that needs to move. Figuring out roughly what goes where, to help continuity, is super useful and made the next sketch stages (almost) a piece of cake!

Here are some photos of the finished books, I’ll be making another post very soon featuring some of the character concept progress work, thumbnails, sketches and some finished pages, so stay tuned!

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