This is the webfolio of Hester Short, which I hope to keep as up to date as possible!

I’m 26 years old, and originally from Reading, yet currently settled in NorthEast England. I’ve been drawing regularly since I was about thirteen, for fun more than anything else. Throughout school I have focused on art subjects, and got my degree in Creative Digital Media at Teesside University. (A roundabout way of saying Art and Animation!) I absolutely adore character design, and while I have strengths in cartoon styles, I am endeavouring to improve and spread my wings a little into more realism and background/prop design.

My degree and personal preferences focus on art and illustration (digital and traditional) and 2D animation. While character work and still images are my strong point, I also really enjoy storyboarding, thumbnailing, developmental work, script-writing, and 2D animation. I have always been “The Ideas Girl”, coming up with scenes, characters, plots, etc, and I think most of all I really enjoy the creative process, helping an idea go from nothing to something. From concept to fully-formed.

Mostly I spend what little free time I have doodling something or other. It helps me unwind! That or playing a variety of videogames, listening to music, or spending time with friends. I have done occasional freelance work for friends and family, mostly small time, but I am hoping to broaden my horizons in this area. I attend various conventions around the UK and often have a dealers table, selling prints and copies of my illustrated childrens book “Morti and the Quest for Awesome”.

If you wish to contact me, drop me a line via:


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