Manchester Expo wrapup!

Goooood afternoon lovelies!
BIG hello to all of you who have arrived via Manchester Expo last weekend. And HUGS to those of you who picked something up! Feel free to give my FACEBOOK page a like, for updates on projects I’m working on, and progress shots of stuff (if thats your kind of thing!)
I’ll be opening up my online store (my NEW online store that is) very shortly, so if you missed something this weekend and will not be attending Glasgow expo in September, you can pick something up over there and have it delivered by a lovely postie.

I’ll be sure to announce when it’s open! In the meantime, if folks picked something up this weekend I’d love to see it in its new home on a wall or on a bag somewhere! I’ve got all sorts of links over on the left for Twitter, Tumblr and the like too. Hit me up, like/friend/follow/etc and spread some Morti-love!


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