Goodness me it has been some time since the last update I posted, I’m pretty terrible!
After the last post I submitted, I’ve since attended London MCM in both October and May, and now I’m gearing up for Manchester MCM! I’m also hoping to hit up Glasgow MCM again, along with perhaps October London Expo to round off the year. Exciting stuff and I hope to see you guys there!

I’m hoping life is treating you guys as well as things have been going for me! Art has been a little sporadic as it usually tends to be between conventions, especially as I’ve done a big stock-up for art for the year so will probably not be making any new prints etc for a while. HOWEVER I do intend on trying to bring some original work (literally, the originals in terms of marker paper or sketches etc!) to have available for sale so perhaps I can update with those?
I’ve had a big house move in the past month or so which has been scary but awesome, and I’m excited for Manchester MCM Expo in a few weeks time! In the meantime as well, I’ve picked up a pretty fantastic, really exciting illustration gig which I’m hoping I can talk to you more about, will have to check in with them to see if I can show you what I’m up to there!
But anyway.. I’ve got Steam games installing and a shower calling my name, catch you later!


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