Post-LFCC Wrapup!

Hello lovely new peeps!

First of all, thanks for visiting my page! It was great meeting so many of you this weekend just gone, so many new faces (and some old ones!).

Don’t forget you can check out my other homes across the internets and keep your finger on the pulse regarding where I’ll be appearing next and new art:

Twitter = @goddamnmorti

Facebook =

Tumblr =

As soon as my Facebook page hits 150 likes I’ll be selecting a random commenter from THIS post and they’ll win a huge pack of goodies. 😀

Here is a selection of the commission work and sketches I did over the weekend. Excuse the poor lighting and quality, my phone camera is rubbish!

DoctorsLFCCLokiThorLFCCLFCCcommission EdandNiallcommissionsLFCC

I’ve started taking larger commissions, as some people in the past want MORE than just a playing card sized commission! The Doctors and Thor/Loki are an example of the style of these commissions. They are on A5 white card, and are kinda fun and cartoony looking. You can have them in either a monocolour (choose a particular colour or black and white, and I colour in that pallette) or fully coloured!

The two other images contain art card commissions, I just love the variety you guys come up with and get me to draw!So this LFCC was a bit quiet for me compared to last years, but I’ll be at Manchester Expo in two weeks so hopefully it’ll be a little better for business over there! Huge thanks to all who stopped by and hopefully see you again next year!


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