Completed Avatars.

Fully completed lineup of the 10 Avatars of Vishnu project for university. I’ve included each seperate image along with the full lineup image as they are meant to be viewed.

In keeping with the bold colours used in traditional depictions of the 10 avatars, I went with a “colours of the rainbow” theme, lining them up accordingly. They work well enough without, but standing in order, the colours all benefit one another a little more I think.

When drawing the avatars, having no prior knowledge of the avatars or what they are meant to represent, it was quite a challenge at first getting a representation down on paper that I was happy with. After a little while it struck me to boil down the avatars individually to one overall point or aspect, and focus on this when designing *my* interpretation.

Altogether, the colours, the poses, the differences in height and size, all speak for each avatar individually, and thus are best viewed as a “set” in the lineup.


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