Personal Project: Hugo and Goat.

After a bit of thought, I’ve decided to upload some artwork and design work, some of it experimental, for a personal project I was working on. It features two new characters, which were purposefully difficult for me to draw, and a change from the norm.

Some of these images might be possibly NSFW, but its reasonably tasteful I feel? Goat is a grumpy, world-weary, female Satyr, who originates from the desert, while Hugo is a mischievous imp/spirit who comes from the Scottish Highlands. The premise of the project was that they got together and had crazy adventures. Goat’s main drive in life is to find new things to beat up, while Hugo’s is to find new things to eat.

Fun facts: Goat can change the shape/form of her legs, tail and ears. Hugo’s tartan scarf is one of the Macfarlane tartans. 🙂


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Filed under Artwork., Concept Artwork.

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