Chica costume – MCM Expo OCT 2015 London

Hey guys!

So its been a bit quiet around here huh? I’ve been working on all sorts of things however I suppose I need to remember to update this website more often!

Most recently I’ve been working on my first BIG cosplay costume project, Chica from Five Nights At Freddy’s! Particularly her appearance in the first game. Check it out!

For more images of the build process, check out this link for the gallery on my Facebook page, and hopefully I’ll be filling it up with more photos taken over the weekend. 😀


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Additional stuff from the past

Hey again guys,

Thought I’d upload a bunch of stuff I’d been working on and uploading to Tumblr and Facebook. You should really hit me up over there as I’m far more active and post convention updates and work-in-progress images and stuff!

Work-in-Progress for a commission for a friend of Janey Springs from Borderlands:

Janey Springs WIP

Promo artwork for a monster competition I was running on Facebook, a monster based on me!:


Some WIP shots of some FNAF stuff:

Toybonnie wipSpringtrap WIP

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Non-Binary Monster Project

Hey guys!

Long time no update? Yeah I’m mostly active over on Facebook and Tumblr these days, HOWEVER I’ll catch you up a little here! I’ve created a couple of prints based on non-binary monsters with a set theme and I’m hoping to expand the range if they go down well! The first is a Pizza Monster:
Pizza Monster

and secondly we have a seapunk sushi merperson:

Seapunk Merperson

Hoping you guys dig them! Prints obviously don’t have the obnoxious watermarks. 🙂

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Takeaway Dragon

A finished commission, re-creating an older original piece I did while at University.

Takeaway  Dragon

Takeaway Dragon

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A news update!

Afternoon guys!

Just a couple of news updates, hoping this one finds you all well?

I’ve opened up a Redbubble store!: If you’ve ever fancied my work on a tote bag or iPhone case (some Samsung ones available too!) or even a couple of shirts, here is the place! It’s print on demand (if you haven’t seen Redbubble before) so means it’s always available! Especially nifty if you live outside of the UK or Europe because I think it’s cheaper for you guys regarding postage?

I drew up and sent off my first large-scale invoice today for an illustration project I’ve been working on. Very exciting! If you wanted to talk about hiring me for illustration or character design work for your project, get in touch and we can talk!



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Glasgow Expo 2014!

Hey there folks!

Wow, it’s been a year already since the last Glasgow ComicCon? Well, I’ll be there again this weekend, with all sorts of goodies available in the Comic Village. :3

Don’t forget, I have all sorts of places online where art updates are posted, links are just on the left there:


AND I have an online store now! If you missed something over the weekend or fancied picking it up a little later, check it out! I may or may not be putting cool goodies in with orders but I’m not telling what! It’s a secret. :3

Hopefully I’ll see you guys up in Scotland!

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Mortistuff – Official launch!

I’m pleased to announce that the new and improved online store for all your Morti-art needs can be found here!

I’m hoping to add more bits and pieces as time goes on and I manage to take stock of the current situation with existing prints/pins etc. However if you’ve ever missed me at a convention, have been unable to attend one at the same time as me, or simply didn’t have the cash at the time, here is where you can pick up your Morti-swag!

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